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L^3 partners with businesses, communities and cities to re-imagine urbanity - how people interact with, and experience, the analog world.

Humanity has evolved. Our physical world hasn't kept up.

Our Focus: thoughtful and relevant community design - leading to enhanced human experience...

... building community and fostering human connection, through better physical design and thoughtful, real-world, value offerings in an ever-increasing digital world.

After all, we [Sapiens] are social animals.

 Communityconnection, and physical movement are directly linked to our health,  happiness, creativity, learning and fullness of life.

The car, and now digital immersion, have presented new challenges.

In our desire to be closer together, we've ironically grown further apart.

L^3 designs and builds "intentional communities" to answer this evolution.

Let's be animals together.

Building Places That Matter

None of this happens without love.
Love is an uncommon business
strategy, a commitment and a passion
that we apply to everything we do for
our projects, our partners and each
other. It's the glue that holds these
initiatives together. We care at an
extraordinary level about every bit of
the utility and meaning that finds its
way into our places. Our secret is
simple - do what you love every day.
This allows us to outthink and outwork
the competition, which enriches us as
much as it rewards our craft. it's the
fuel that allows us to transform the
unreal into the real. To find and "see"
the invisible pieces that allow the
"Impossible" to be realized. From the
idea on the back of a napkin to a thriving community or a seemingly simple insight that
leads to massive behavioral change for
the better. When it all comes together,
it's gratifying to see. Some say it's
magical. We say it's

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